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We specialize in DIRECT-TO-GARMENT PRINTING utilizing the latest FREEJET 330TX for your BUSINESS or PERSONAL needs. Bring your vision to life with our new printer, the Direct To Garment Freejet 330TX. Our DTG technology can print on dark and light garments with ease. Our DirectRip software optimizes your images, making your direct to garment prints brighter, more vivid! Our distinct capability to print on: t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, tote bags, or other flat-surface garments, with our in own in-house equipment translates to LOWER PRICES and NO LIMITATIONS on quantity desired when it comes to these items. We offer SCREEN PRINT, EMBROIDERY and RHINESTONE products. We are also distributors for PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS so let us know what you need and we would love to give you a quote.